Looking Back in History
Founding the Superior, WI Club
by Rachael E. Martin, Club #25 Historian

During Club 25's Pioneer Administration of 1911, charter member Ed Filiatrault was sent to the Portland National Convention. With the assistance of the Twin Cities clubs, he landed the 1912 National Convention for Duluth.

In the fall of 1911, Filiatrault then turned his attention to establishing a Rotary Club in Superior. He began many trips to Superior to feel out the possibilities of this idea with Superior businessmen George Yale and Byron Culbertson.

By March of 1912, Messers.Yale and Culbertson made up a list of 20 Superior businessmen and sent an invitation to meet at the Superior Commercial Club, on April 1, 1912. The invitation did not state the purpose of the meeting. All 20 attended, plus 30 Duluth Rotary members. With Ed Filiatrault presiding, the principles of Rotary were explained. Adolph Ritzman of Superior, who was appointed Temporary Secretary, recorded, "Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was decided to organize a Superior Rotary Club."

The motion was unanimously accepted. Officers were elected with B.J. Culbertson, president; George Yale, vice president; E.L. Cass, treasurer; and Clarence J. Hartley, secretary.

At the next meeting, on April 10, 1912, "A motion was made and seconded that the Club apply to the National Association of Rotary Clubs for a charter at once." The names of 24 charter members were listed.

On May 12, the Superior Rotary Club, #40, was elected to National membership. On May 15, just six weeks after the Superior club was organized, Dr. Gillespie, chairman of the Duluth reception committee for the National Convention, requested the Superior club appoint a committee to act with and assist his committee. A committee of five was appointed from Superior. Although the Superior club had only $150 in its treasury, it voted $100 for expenses for the Duluth National Convention of 1912.